Baked Potato Cakes

Baked Potato Cakes

Product Description

It’s not a hash brown, it’s a potato cake. Traditional hash browns are made with boiled or steamed potato shreds. We use baked potato pulp from the potatoes we bake and turn into potato skins.

Our exclusive Baked Potato Cakes offer a mouthful of delicious homestyle taste with a hint of onion flavor. These hearty, appetizing potato specialties provide quality plate coverage while maintaining taste and quality extremely well.

Versatile uses as a side, a burger topper, or a base for Benedict. Ideal for buffets or takeout operations.

Item NameItem #PackShipping Wgt.Avg. Case Ct.Avg. Unit Wgt.
Baked Potato Cakes852/5.625 lb bags12.1 lbs60 Patties3 oz