Farm Fry

Don't just serve a fry. Be known for your fry. This unique farm-to-fork fry has an unbelievably tasty flavor with a golden brown textured crisp outside and mashed potato center that delivers big flavor and even bigger results. This game-changing fry has it all! With their hand-cut style and incredible heat holding, Farm Fry hands down has the best flavor in a fry on the market today. Staying on menu trend with local and sustainable US produce, Farm Fry gives your chef and menu a direct link to our farm in Maine through our farm-owned and operated manufacturing plant. A true down-home USA farm-to-fork item for any menu anywhere in the country.

BetterFit Farm Fry

It has all of the same sell points as the classic, but instead of using wheat, we use potato starch to increase our hold times and crispiness. Added bonus, there is no gluten added!

Product Information

Item NameItem #PackShipping Wgt.Avg. Case Ct.
Farm Fry20046/5lb Bags32 lbsRandom
BetterFit Farm Fry22246/5lb Bags32 lbsRandom