Carbon Footprint

We now utilize more efficient lighting systems, air compressors, and motors as well as these other sustainable practices:

  • Whenever possible, we use packaging made from recycled cardboard
  • We use environmentally safe chemicals and other products

Green Initiatives

We have also adopted a wide range of green initiatives in our office, from recycling paper and plastic to energy-efficient lighting, to carpooling. We enlist ideas and input from our employees as we strive to conserve, reduce, and manage our resources on a daily basis.


Over the years, we have steadily increased the efficiency of our operations while improving quality and customer satisfaction. Technology has played a major role. Visit our History page to learn how Penobscot McCrum has become one of the industry's most innovative companies.

Commitment to the Future

Our commitment to future generations impacts everything we do at McCrum, from farming to transporting to processing our potatoes. We are continually looking for ways to conserve and protect the natural resources we depend on, as a company and a community.