Different breadings and textures combine with different tastes and sizes to create a wide variety of options with the McCrum line of Potato Wedges. Breading options offer flavor variations that build on the tasty, consistent foundation of a signature Maine potato. Wedges are great for C-stores, deli grab-n-gos, samplers, and shareable apps.

Potato Wedge Products:

Item NumberDescriptionSkinPackNet WtGross WtTi-Hi
11204 18060Penobscot McCrum WedgeSkin On6/5 lb303210x6
11204 18062Penobscot McCrum Crinkle Cut WedgeSkin On6/5 lb303210x6
11204 02004Farm FrySkin On6/5 lb30 3210x6

Battered Jo-Jo Wedges #47
Battered Jo-Jo Wedges #47
Medium Coated Jo-Jo Wedges #40
Battered Jo-Jo Wedges #126
Extra Large Coated Jo-Jo Wedges #48
Baby Jo-Jo Wedges #49
Medium Battered Jo-Jo Wedges #132
Medium Seasoned/Battered Jo-Jo Wedges #129
Chicken Style Jo-Jo Wedges #128