As the foodservice industry continues to navigate these new and uncharted waters, maintaining strong community relationships has never been more important than it is now.

We are now in “The Year of To-Go”. With that said, your take-out procedures have to be on point and that starts with what’s on your take out menu, and how you package it! Let us put nature’s perfect container for your take-out culinary creation on your To-Go menu today!

Potato specialties from Maine offer a wide range of options for Take-Out menus, whether it’s potato skins or boats filled with back yard BBQ pulled pork, loaded fries or crisp potato wedges for dipping. They hold heat well and like other Mainers, they are strong, resilient and make great robust travelers!

Take your pick from any of our wedges, we offer single, twice and three time coated wedges.

Look out for the “Fried Chicken style wedge” that’s my favorite!

Chef James Gibney
photo of potato wedges in penobscot mccrum paper cup
#128 Chicken Style Jo-Jo Wedges

The #6 Baked Potato Boat and #20 Baked Potato Skin Cups are two potato options that can be baked or fried then baked, then reheated if needed by your customer at home with NO quality lost!

photo of baked potato boats
#6 ready for your creation
photo of scotch egg potato skins
#20 with Scotch egg
photo of roasted spinach and artichoke potato skins
#38 with toppings

Our #38 traditional potato skin
is still around for one reason…
it works! It is great for a
high volume in-house appetizer
or light main dish, ultimately one
of the best travelers for Take-Out.

mccrum potato skin evolution logo

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