• Penobscot McCrum Potato Skins (Potato Skin Cups, #20)
  • Spicy Italian sausage meat
  • Soft boiled Guinea fowl egg or small chicken egg
  • Sriracha Bois Boudran sauce


Using good quality spicy Italian sausage meat from the butcher, place a heaping tablespoon or two into each potato skin "cup." Using the back of a spoon, press a hole in the center and push the meat around the inside edges of the skins. Place your soft boiled egg in the center of one sausage-filled skin standing up, then top/close with the other skin. This should now look like a potato cut in half and placed back together. Brush with olive oil and bake at 350° F in a convection oven or 400° F in a conventional oven for approximately 10 minutes. The potato skin needs to be crisp and the sausage meat cooked through. Cut in half through the middle where the two skins meet. If you boiled your egg correctly the yolk will be slightly runny. This is a good thing as it's the mark of a well-prepared Scotch Egg.

Make classic Bois Boudran sauce and add a dash of Sriracha sauce or seasoning to the recipe to give it a kick! Pour the sauce in the center of a plate, and place the two halves of scotch egg on it.

Garnish with some microgreens and cracked black pepper.