• McCrum Potato Skins (we recommend #6 or #38)
  • 30-hour sous vide short rib with soy lime
  • Cabernet Sauvignon
  • Stir Fry Vegetables


Use bone-in short ribs for maximum flavor. Boneless will work too. Sous vide or slow braise the short ribs to fall-off-the-bone tender. 30-hour sous vide at 165° F should do it! Or slow braise at 350° F for 4 hours or until super tender.

Once cooked, SAVE THE JUICE!

Stir fry veggies, the more color the better - and don't be shy. I use baby bell peppers super sweet, lots of fresh ginger, green onions and cucumbers. Stir fry in sesame oil with sea salt.

Fry or bake your potato skin. We want crispy outer skin and perfect McCrum fluffy potato in the center!

Place the veggies at one end of the skin, then pile the short rib at the other end. Take that juice you saved and reduce it by at least 50%. We're looking for concentrated flavor and the juice should be slightly thicker. Pour some of the soy lime Cabernet Sauvignon reduction over the meat.
Garnish with some microgreens or fresh pea tendrils.