Direct From the Farm

Changing How the Foodservice Industry Sources Fries

When you partner with the farmer, you have the ability to provide your guests with the best possible potato products at the best possible prices. At Penobscot McCrum, we have our hands on the entire potato supply chain from seed to finished product ensuring the best potatoes become the best products.

16,000 Maintained Farming Acres in Maine

At McCrum, we live potatoes.

Introducing the New Gold Standard for Quality, Consistency, and Cost Control

McCrum participates in all stages of the supply chain, from planting and harvest to shipping and production.

  • We're opening an additional 150,000 square foot fry plant in Washburn, Maine, in 2020.
  • This new demand for potatoes will increase Maine's potato supply by 20%.
  • Expanded capacity paired with our proven hands-on approach will revolutionize the quality of fries in the food industry today.
  • The McCrum family looks forward to becoming one of Maine's largest agricultural exporters.