Lemon Roasted Chicken

Lemon Roasted Chicken with PureBaked Potatoes in Trays

Serves 3-8

3 1/2 to 5 pound chicken
1 large lemon cut in half or 2 small lemons
Sea salt
Pepper, freshly ground

Preheat oven to 350˚ F.

1. Remove any giblets and rinse chicken inside and outside with cold water; pat dry. Liberally salt and pepper the internal cavity and outside (rub salt and pepper into the internal cavity).

2. Puncture lemon skins several times with a toothpick or thin skewer.  Place lemons into internal cavity.  Truss or secure the legs together with kitchen twine in their natural position (do not over tighten or close the opening to the internal cavity).

3. Place chicken in a roasting pan or baking dish with breast side down.  Place in upper third of oven for 30 minutes.

4. Turn chicken over to breast side up, being careful not to puncture the skin.  Cook an additional 30 minutes.

5. Increase oven temperature to 400˚ F.  Cook an additional 20 minutes. Total cooking time should be 20-25 minutes per pound of the chicken so lengthen time at this step to ensure correct cooking time.

Serve immediately with PureBaked Singles in Trays.