COVID-19 Response

A Message from CEO Jay McCrum

March 24, 2020

To our valued partners,

My family and I hope this message finds you, coworkers and loved ones in good health and that you are faring as well as possible with the current way of life due to COVID-19.  

From field to manufacturing facility our organization continues to focus on delivering the highest quality potatoes/potato products to the market.  To keep all of us safe, throughout our organization we have implemented several new policies and procedures focused on reducing the probability of coming in contact with COVID-19.  We have also put efforts into educating our teams about the virus and best practices to not contract or spread COVID-19.  

We are a food facility and cleanliness has always been a priority.  The procedures we have put in place deal with increased cleaning of areas that are commonly touched by our employees, sanitizing in and out of the workspaces and being aware of people’s physical space.  We have met with our teams on the farm, loading docks and in both manufacturing facilities to openly discuss information being supplied by the CDC and the US Government to make sure that we all know the best way maintain a safe working environment. 

To make sure employees continue to think of the best practices to prevent an outbreak, we have posted reminders about COVID-19 and continue to update our employees daily on any new information about the virus.  Additionally, we have also postponed all travel, are not having any non-essential visitors in our facilities and have asked our employees to continue social distancing when they are not at work. 

Our Commitment To Employees & Partners

Increased Cleaning Procedures
Implementation of Physical Distancing
Utilizing Technology for Meetings
Signage Reminders
Ensuring the Best Potato Products

Regardless of our focus on keeping our organization safe, there is still an element of the unknown.  Any employee who has requested to stay home during this uncertain time has been given the opportunity to do so.

We continue to operate our family of companies because we have an obligation to this nation and our customers to provide food.  Homeland Security has recognized agriculture as a critical industry and we view this as our civic duty to safely continue to produce food and contribute to our country’s food supply.  I would like to take a moment and thank all those who continue to show up each day to assist our organization in achieving our goal and all those throughout the world who continue to do their part to combat COVID-19.

McCrum remains committed to keeping everyone safe and being here for our partners when needed.  All the best from my family to yours and stay safe.

-Jay McCrum
Managing Partner & CEO