• McCrum Potato Skins (Baked Split Potato Skins, #7)
  • Warm lemon butter
  • Fresh cooked and shucked Maine lobster
  • Hackleback caviar
  • Truffle essence mayo
  • Micro greens or frisee or other delicate greens for garnish


This is my favorite! Grown in Maine, Made in Maine & Caught in Maine, it's a real regional treat! Fry Penobscot McCrum's Baked Split Potato Skins until golden brown. Take the cooked meat from one of Maine's best cold-water lobsters and poach in lemon butter until tender, keeping it warm. Then carefully dress with freshly made white truffle mayo. Top with Hackleback caviar and a nice pinch of microgreen celery, frisee or other delicate yet colorful greens to create a delicacy that is straight from Maine's coastal waters and bountiful farms.