Hot Potato

Hot Potatoes

In partnership with our POTA-TO-GO section, Chef James Gibney has also prepared 6 key points to keep your speciality potato products perfect for To-Go!

When you package anything HOT the idea is to keep it hot, but with out it becoming wilted or soggy.

  1. Use vented take out containers with breathing holes in the top.
    This helps the food breathe during travel and helps to prevent the food from becoming
  2. Keep things eco and food friendly.
    While paper or card type containers might be the first “green choice” see if you can utilize recycled plastic containers.
  3. Source containers with lids that can be separated to become a simple one-time use
    plate – that’s then recyclable.
    You can always encourage your customers to
    “recycle me” with a little note on the container to show that your culture has
    not changed.
  4. Microwavable containers offer your customers even more convenience.
    Most of these containers can be microwaved, but ALWAYS check
    manufactures recommendations before recommending them yourself.
  5. Fried potato wedges and fries like a bed to sleep on, so give them one!
    Place a napkin half inside the container, then place the wedges or fries in, then fold
    the other half of the napkin over to cover the fries or wedges, then close the
    vented lid. The napkin “bed” absorbs any oils or moisture and helps to keep
    things crisp and dry.
  6. Potatoes are smart!
    When serving loaded potatoes whether its fries, wedges or filled potato skins
    and boats, keep the ingredients on the potatoes! The potato itself will take care of the rest, keeping things dry, absorbing moisture and keeping everything hot with their “dense” nature!

For more great tips like these, keep checking out The Chef’s Corner.

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