Customized Potato Product Design
Customized Potato Product Design

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Potatoes Your Way

Penobscot McCrum Specialty Solutions

Collaboration is the key to successful product customization. You tell us what you’re going for and we’ll partner with you to design the right solution.  

We serve customers of all sizes and have the capacity to respond quickly to your unique needs. Working together, we can develop the customized potato specialties that will distinguish your product offering.

The process begins with your input on some or all of these specifications:

     •  Product use and preparation

     •  Flavor profile ideas

     •  Packaging

     •  Estimated volume

Our chef then creates samples in our test kitchen. Even if you don’t have complete product specs, our chef will interpret your objectives and create alternatives to achieve those results.

We will then collaborate closely with you to refine the customized product, and determine packaging, pricing and delivery schedules. Finally, we produce a production run sample for your approval.