Twice Baked The Ultimate Baked Combo

We take farm-fresh Maine baked potato skins and fill them with creamy baked mashed potato, flavored to perfection. When baked by you, they are double the goodness. Available in delicious flavors like real cheddar cheese, sour cream & chives and more. With their classic fluted tops, they make a beautiful presentation.

Customized Potato Product DesignSM 

Want a twice baked potato menu offering that’s uniquely yours? We can make it happen, and make it easy. Learn more about our collaborative process for Customized Potato Product DesignSM

  • Quick and easy preparation
  • Homemade taste and appearance
  • Consistent, uniform size for portion control
  • Packaged for retail and foodservice convenience
  • 100% Maine potatoes

Penobscot McCrum for twice the goodness!

Twice Baked
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