Jo-Jo Wedges Hearty & Delicious Potato Wedges

Always a favorite, our Jo-Jo potato wedges provide hearty plate coverage and come in a broad range of styles and flavor profiles, including Italian, Chicken, Spicy, Natural Sea Salt and more. Our wide variety of potato wedges offers the perfect way to add spice to your menu.

Customized Potato Product Design SM

If you have unique wedge flavor or size requirements, we can develop a custom wedge that works for you and excites your customers. Learn more about our collaborative process for Customized Potato Product DesignSM.

  • Special coatings and unique production process for superior holding time
  • Signature batter and breading recipes for distinctive taste
  • Huge variety of shapes, cuts and sizes
  • Skin on, hearty appearance
  • 100% Maine potatoes
  • No Trans Fats

Nobody Knows Potato Wedges Like Penobscot McCrum!

JoJo Wedges
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