Military/Business & Industry

Potato specialties that fit the bill

Whether you’re planning menus to feed soldiers on your military base or employees at your company cafeteria, chances are you’ll be catering to a wide variety of tastes and dietary preferences. At Penobscot McCrum, we offer top-quality wholesome potato favorites that are easy to prepare, versatile, convenient and provide the perfect complement to any dish.

Customization Service

You can count on us to help you create signature potato offerings that will keep your menus fresh and satisfying. We have the capacity to respond quickly and we work collaboratively to assure 100% customer satisfaction.  Learn more about our Customization services. 


Check out these foodservice favorites:

Jo-Jo Wedges – A plateful of flavor

BakedSkins – Quick and easy preparation

TwiceBaked – The ultimate baked combo

MashBaked – Looks and tastes homemade

Baked Potato Cakes – Big, tasty and versatile

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