Convenient take away classics

Satisfy your customers all day long with hearty, wholesome potato specialties from Penobscot McCrum. We offer a wide variety of products that are specially designed to hold their taste, texture and eye appeal for long periods. They’re easy to prepare, easy to maintain and easy to store.

For exceptional quality, convenience and value, it’s hard to find a better on-the-go solution than frozen potato specialties from Penobscot McCrum. We have hearty crisp wedges and other hot potato takeaways as well as sliced or mashed potato ingredients for use in speed scratch deli salads, casseroles and other dishes that look and taste homemade.

Customization Service

Let us help you create products that meet your unique needs. We have the capacity to respond quickly and we work collaboratively to assure 100% customer satisfaction.  Learn more about our Customization services. 


Check out these deli favorites:

Jo-Jo Wedges – Irresistable hearty favorites

TwiceBaked – On-the-go comfort food

MashBaked – Looks and tastes homemade

PureBaked – Add your own signature twist

EasyPrep Naturals – Simple goodness made easy

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