Potatoes: Big on Potassium!
Potatoes: Big on Potassium!

All potatoes are naturally high in potassium. But did you know baked potatoes have a big nutritional advantage “baked” right in?

According to the USDA 2010 Dietary Guidelines for Americans, baked potatoes with skin are the leading dietary source of potassium (see Appendix 12 of the Guidelines). Baked potatoes with skin are higher in potassium than bananas, spinach, yogurt, sweet potatoes…most other foods. This is particularly important because the USDA has identified potassium as one of four nutrients lacking in American diets (see page 40 of the Guidelines).

Potassium is essential because it can lower blood pressure by blunting the adverse effects of sodium on blood pressure. By helping to combat high blood pressure, potassium plays a role in preventing a leading cause of heart disease.

The Baked Potato Solution

The good news is just one small baked potato provides 738 mg of potassium––almost twice that of a medium banana and 21% of the USDA recommended daily allowance of potassium! 

Simply put, baked potatoes are the natural solution to America’s potassium deficit. For quality, variety and convenience in baked potato products, look no further than Penobscot McCrum, The Potato Specialty People.