“Bangor Can”

Like you, we have seen the heart-wrenching images coming from Eastern Texas over the past few days. The damage is extensive, and the struggles are massive. Once the water recedes, there will be much rebuilding to be done. Homes are devastated. Personal belongings are lost. And – in some cases – loved ones are gone.

It’s impossible to not feel for the good people of Texas.

We’ve had conversations here at Penobscot McCrum about what we could do to help. And so have many others here in Maine.

A group of businesses – including Penobscot McCrum – have banded together to form “Bangor Can.” It’s an initiative to help people find a way to do something to help.

It’s simple. Take your returnables – your bottles and cans –- to Bangor Redemption and Beverage Center at 490 Broadway in Bangor between now and Tuesday, Sept. 5, and mention that you would like your money to go to Texas Flood Relief.

On September 5, we will see a total, and the participating Bangor-area businesses will match the funds dollar-for-dollar. We think that Bangor CAN band together and offer a measure of support.

The rebuilding process will be lengthy and difficult. Every little bit helps.

If you cannot make it to Bangor, please contact Sutherland Weston Marketing Communications in Bangor at 207.945.9999 to see if you can drop your bottles and cans at an alternate site and have them included in this fund.

The participating businesses are:

•   Penobscot McCrum

•   Hollywood Casino

•   Hartt Transportation

•   Changing Seasons FCU

•   C&L Areo

•   Epstein Commercial Real Estate

•   Eaton Peabody

•   Sutherland Weston

•   Bangor International Airport Employees

•   ANM Properties

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